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    Taiwan is Fast Emerging as a Key Player in the Internet-of-Vehicles Sector, According to TAITRA
    LAS VEGAS, Nov 03, 2015 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) announces Taiwan’s dynamic auto parts sector poised for new successes as global demand rises for sma ...
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    About TwAutoPart: Builds up the Taiwan automobile spare part industry high quality supplier in 2015, because the Taiwan automobile spare part industry central system is quite complete, at the same time automobile spare part supplier concurrently few diversely with elastic manufacture superiority, but the domestic market development is limited, the automobile spare part all take the for sale abroad as the development priorities, the quality achieves the international standard, the manufacturer one after another through the European and American area post-sale service spare part correlation authentication.The for sale abroad post-sale service market (After Market) collides the spare part mainly to have the bumper bar, the sheet metal, the rear view mirror and so on, headlight accounts for the global proportion 60~70%, the rubber/revertex spare part occupies compares 85%, the bumper bar occupies the ratio to reach as high as 90%.Therefore hoped penetrates TaiwanAutoPart to enable the world the buyer all to see the world first Taiwan automobile spare part supplier. One time buys the foot: At present in this website already provided the near 200,000 item of commodities to provide to all need automobile spare part buyer, could not not be able to find the appropriate automobile spare part in here because of the time difference question, penetration network 24H all can the automobile spare part which found you in TaiwanAutoPart to want, certainly we also could continue the vertical stroke to pursue the more high quality automobile spare part supplier to satisfy all need automobile spare part to purchase.